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Final Countdown

Hello again
Redbird fans. With opening day roughly a week away, the finishing touches are
being put on 2011 spring training. I hope you are all ready for an exciting
year of baseball.

Last week was an interesting week in terms of scheduling. I spent a lot of time
riding the bus as we had 4 road trips that were two hours or more. Being a
young player means that if there is a roadtrip that day you are going to be in
it. I’m not complaining but the bus does get old. I was in Viera (Nationals),
Kissimmee (Astros), and Fort Myers (Red Sox) on 3 consecutive days.

After those three trips, we had our one and only off day of the Spring. Having
that day off allows us to rest and recharge for the last week of camp. I got to
sleep in a little (could barely make it to 8 am since I’m so used to being up
early). The weather was great that day so naturally I headed to the beach. It
was my first trip to the beach this spring and it will be my last for a while
with the season fast approaching.


After the off day it was back to work. The excitement is building and everyone
is getting ready to head north for opening day. We have 6 games left on the
Grapefruit League schedule and then it’s off to St. Louis!